6 Tips for Grilling the Perfect Barbecue Sausages

Can you imagine a world without grilled sausages?  This flavorful meat type is prepared with a combination of different meat and pork cuts and is always juicy, soft, tender and great tasting.  Sausages are some of the best meat types for grilling.  They are so easy to prepare, they are perfect for a quick snack and sausages go perfectly with a wide range of other food types.  This meat type is affordable and perfect for any occasion.  You can choose to grill sausages with a wide range of other meats like chicken or T-bone or you can just grill sausages all on their own and your meal will still be fabulous.

Meat markets put a whole lot of effort into developing top quality sausage recipes that contain just enough fat, spices and lean meat.  But sausages don’t turn out perfect every time you grill them no matter how much effort markets put into the recipe.  This is because the grilling method does greatly affect the end result of your sausages.

If you want to grill the perfect barbecue sausages every time then you can definitely check out the following grilling tips.


Avoid too much heat

When you throw sausages on a grill that is too hot, the casing will burst open and the flavor and juices will boil right out of your sausages.  Your sausages will become crisply roasted on the outside and might even end up still raw in the center.  Stick to a grill that is below 155 degrees and you should be just fine with the heat.


Be careful of too little heat

Grilling on temperatures that are too low can be quite challenging.  The low heat will cause the sausage to blow up and look incredibly juicy and delicious.  Your sausages will grill all the way through but when you remove it from the heat the sausages will deflate and become dry and wrinkled.  Don’t grill at a temperature below 120 degrees F.  140 degrees is the perfect temperature for grilled sausages.


Consider pan grilling

You can also consider placing your sausages in an aluminum pan along with a sauce or other accompaniment. Plenty of barbecue lovers love to grill sausages in beer, whole grain mustard, thyme and some even like to grill sausages in coke.  You can simply place the pan on the grill and sausages will get cooked through without burning the casing and without shrinkage.  Pan grilling is also a great chance to add some yummy veggies to your meal. Pan grilling results in the least amount of shrinkage since all of the liquids and fats stay in your meat.


Don’t buy pre-cooked or smoked

Grilling pre-cooked or smoked sausages usually results in overcooking.  The grill also already gives you that smoky aroma which means buying smoked isn’t worth your money.


Stick to a good brand

If you found a trusted sausage brand then stick to it.  You will know exactly what to expect from your sausages with every grill.


Don’t stray from the grill

Another important tip is to stick with your grill when you are making sausages.  These meats require frequent turning to even out the heat and they can get ready pretty quickly.

With these tips and a little bit of practice, you should be able to grill the perfect sausages for any meal at any time.

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